Prowess Uniform Solutions Inc. is one of the most comprehensive uniform suppliers in North America. Our core competency is providing specialized uniform garments, headwear, footwear and accessories for commercial industries, emergency and medical services, government, military, police, security and schools on the local, state and federal levels.


uniform fashion
A journey from hoodlum to CEO

From the hood to the Andes Mountains of South America, this is the riveting true story of the president and co-founder of Prowess Uniform and his incredible journey to success in the hat industry.
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uniform fashion

Prowess is proud to launch its cutting edge Vintage Collection of Next Era Hats. Our collection is taken from the Old World, with an added twist of modern day Hip Hop fashion styling. Wear this new look a size up for swag, and with the confidence that you are profiling the future in caps!

uniform headwear

Prowess specializes in quality uniform headwear that will cover you in every season. We supply all types of cutting edge headwear for your Law Enforcement, Military and Security needs.

uniform accessories

Prowess provides the highest quality leather accessories for Law Enforcement, Military and Security agencies in North America.

uniform apparel

In apparel, Prowess offers your particular organization with the perfect fit in full-body comprehensive uniform across the spectrum of food service, law enforcement, medical, military and work wear.

uniform footware

Footwear that feels goods will take you farther, that’s why Prowess footwear combines comfort, style and technology for every occasion. We have the right fit for your feet!